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FIRST Tech Challenge

FIRST Tech Challenge is FIRST's Program for middle-school and high-school students. The Alberta Tech Alliance Association organizes three FTC teams for students in grades 7 to 9. These teams, SWAT Bots Red #10015, SWAT Bots Black #16595, and ATA #16596, compete at multiple annual events in Canada for a spot at the World Competition in Houston, Texas.

This season has been a significant success, with all three of our teams participating the Alberta Regional Championship's final rounds on 2 alliances led by SWAT Bots Red and ATA. SWAT Bots Red won final matches, earning the title of Regional Champion and a spot at the FTC World Championships.

SWAT Bots Red #10015

#10015 SWAT Bots Red is our Veteran FTC Robotics Team. Students on this team have been participating and competing in FIRST Programs over 2 to 4 years. Our team members enjoy being Ambassadors for their club as well as for the global organization of FIRST through community engagement and outreach events.

SWAT Bot Red's Build and Design team strives for engineering excellence and approach obstacles with persistence and creative thinking which leads to innovative designs features on their robots. Our programmers work hard to develop code that is challenging and complex to maximize both robot functionality and overall scoring potential.

SWAT Bots Black #16595

Swat Bots Black is a First Tech Challenge rookie 2019-2020 team based in Calgary, Alberta Canada. The team is made up of junior high students looking to actively grow their STEM knowledge and skills under the guidance of the team’s mentors. The First Tech Challenge is a merger of the excitement of a team sport with the application of science and technology, this gives the team the opportunity to challenge their perseverance and grow as they design and strategize for the challenge. Swat Bots Black strives to give team members the opportunity to try new skills firsthand in a friendly team environment and challenge their perceived limits.

ATA #16596

ATA Team 16596 is a rookie team comprised of five Grade 8 students and the associations youngest member, who is in Grade 6. Trever Schmitt and Robert Paradis both have experience in the FRC world, but for these two, and the third mentor, Matt Zubot, FTC is a new experience. The team has had a lot of laughs and fun experiences as everyone learns the ropes of the FTC world. The Competitions have been a great opportunity to see our robot come to life and compete against other talented and creative teams.